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Under the

Released in February 2022, Under the Shadow is a collection of 25 bible characters who are not well known but who did phenomenal things in the bible. Some of them are even nameless yet the role they played demonstrates what is possible when ordinary people are faithful to an extra ordinary God…..

A Word About The Author

Ebi Akpeti is a Nigerian born United States based Author. Her books have received great reviews in local and international press.  Her most popular book “The Perfect Church” was turned into a screen play and was one of the highest grossing books to screen production in West Africa in 2011. 

Ebi has the ability to weave creative tales that leaves the reader with no doubt that the tales are spun by divine inspiration. She is passionate about the younger generation and hope that her stories will serve to make this world a better place for them.

Ebi Akpeti

The Perfect Church


Deceit and forgiveness are the heart of this book. It tells the compelling story of five people in a seemingly perfect church when they encountered the power of God. One weekend, they are all in church to welcome Bishop Williams for the yearly convention but once the bishop enters the church, he notices something strange and before he leaves, the world of these five people is forever changed.

God has a sense of Humour


In her 158-page book collection of seven short stories, God Has a Sense of Humor, Akpeti throws light into issues on infidelity, loneliness, abuse, home management and balance between career` religion and realities of life, while it establishes that motherhood or marriage should not be held responsible for non-fulfillment of God’s purpose. Her stories could be consistently compassionate as she attempts to enter the shoes of each of her characters

Uncle Bolu


Uncle Bolu’ is an emotional account of a young girl called whose teenage crush on a doting uncle starts off a chain of events that culminate in a bitter-sweet ending when she tried to free her uncle from the shackles of drug addiction.



Castrated is a two-part story of people facing challenges in various facets of life. ‘Bottled Glory,’ the first story is the touching tale of Adaora, a single lady who desired to get married quickly and all she did to become a Mrs. Castrated, the story that gives the book its title, tells the story of a young man who seeks a short cut to achieve wealth and what resulted from it.

Growing Pains


This book talks about the frustration that dog the lives of human beings. There are two stories in the book in which the trauma called life is x-rayed in the laboratory of patience. The first story is about a pastor’s encounter with a stranger in his church which has been suffering congregational recession. The stranger sobs attract Emmanuel who is in the church to reflect on the circumstances that led to the sudden resignation of his assistant pastor. The second story is the poignant tale by Tonye who is violated at the age of 12 yet trudges through life. She is frustrated when the good life does not come as quickly as she expected. Despite her life debilitating challenges, she finds love, but will she find happiness?

Newspaper Reviews

Fascinating and gripping stories with twist and appreciable measure of humorous bumps

Weaved around plots that are intriguing and full of suspense

Highly captivating 

Lures the readers mind

Terrific book that does not require intellectual depth to grasp

A collection of stories that talk about faith and finding purpose in life

Interesting stories with words that inspire

A magnificent work that teaches you to look before you leap

God has a sense of Humor is a delightful read for those in need of a good dose of inspiration

Brilliantly woven to inspire every reader

Ebi Akpeti writes with a dry satirical sense of humor that grabs your attention right from the beginning. Each storyline in this collection of short stories is unpretentious, witty and has a hard hitting message. It is the first book written by the author that I have read but I will definitely be reading more.

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